Four Inspiring and True Stories about the work HAMA does

The Lives We Impact

  • AD (H) D Parent-Child Group Therapy
  • ADD Young Girl Group Therapy
  • Animal Assisted Education
  • Animal Assisted  Father-Child Group Therapy
  • Animal Assisted Family Group Therapy
  • The "Forgotten Child" Family Groups
  • Holocaust Survivors
  • Minority Population Group Therapy
  • Work in Remote and Socio-Economically Depressed Communities
  • Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Group Therapy

Our Mission

Hama (Israel) is committed to the healing and rehabilitation of humans and animals alike. The unique linkage between human and animal welfare is the cornerstone of HAMA's philosophy and activities.

HAMA Israel is a leader and pioneer in establishing AAI (Animal Assisted Intervention) as a complementary therapeutic approach to conventional medical, psychological, and educational treatment. Many of the animals whom we have rescued and rehabilitated from human abuse, have in turn become important facilitators of human recovery and rehabilitation.  HAMA serves citizens of all ages and all ethnic, religious, and national backgrounds,  We work exclusively in the public sector. Our programs are conducted under the auspices of social welfare agencies, hospitals, and educational institutions.

What We Do

“Tame me”, implores the fox. The little boy, not so sure of what he must do,  asks in return what “taming” means. “It means the establishment of ties”, responds the fox.

The Little Prince

Humans and Animals in Mutual Assistance

     HAMA (Israel) #513349647 is a Non-Profit Tax Exempt Organization (46a) in Israel

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What happens to the siblings when they have a severely handicapped brother/sister? HAMA has been instrumental in creating a unique program for this unique group in need.

Suzanna, 81, Holocaust Survivor, had to move from her apartment to an old age home. HAMA was asked to save Suzanna’s very old, blind and deaf dog

whom she had rescued as a pup. HAMA adopted the dog, made regular visits for 3 years until the dog died. Now, HAMA still visits with another therapy dog.

A school's most advanced 8th grade students were given an enrichment course in English which focused upon the human-animal bond and the dynamics of Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI).  The following  year, the students served as AAI counselor interns for special needs 7th graders.